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Saginaw Financial is a company specializing in saving you money.  We do that in three ways.

  1. Tax Preparation.  We offer first-class, confidential, tax-efiling services for our clients.  This means filing the return electronically through our software.  We have partnered with and are now integrated with Taxwise.  This software was used last tax season in our North Las Vegas loan office.  This is a change from the ATX platform used the previous 10 years for 1040 individual income tax preparation.  H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and many others offer almost exactly similar services for much higher prices.  Saginaw Financial is a registered ERO transmitter for federal income tax and offers state filing for all 50 states.  We have an EFIN that has been operational for 10 years.
  2. Insurance Services.  We offer the best rate for each customer.  We are an independent agency(non-captive) partnered with EZLYNX auto/home rater software.  This allows us to individually find the lowest or best price  if that is what you are looking for.  We are currently appointed with Progressive, Nationwide/Allied, Titan, Dairyland, Mercury, and others.  Our goal is to save you money.  We are paid commissions  based on volume.  With home ownership – we have access to all national carriers including Safeco, Nationwide, ASI, Travelers and can give you a free quote – and – potentially prevent you from catastrophic loss as well as peace of mind knowing you are fully insured in any circumstances.  We would like to bundle your home and Auto.  But if it is just Auto – we specialize in finding the rate carrier for your particular situation.  Do you want full comprehensive and collision or just liability.  We also have companies that will provide rental reimbursment and roadside assistance – should you ever break down.
  3. Loans.  We offer short term loans. These loans must be paid back within 90 days.  We are not a long-term lender.  We had offered tax anticipation loans through our offices.  This method of lending has been frowned upon for quite some time and was the reason the government requires companies like ours to partner with banks.  We originally used JPMorgan Chase in 2006 for refund anticipation loans – the past two years – we partnered with Republic Bank.  This allowed our tax customers that did not have checking accounts to have their federal refund check printed in our office.  The last two years we had sent these customers to the Cannery Casino or Eastside Cannery casino to cash their checks.  This year we will be printing Wells Fargo check stock.  Our loans will cost you 20% per month.  This rate is 243.33% per year.  We are currently offering loans only to Nevada residents.  Our New Mexico Loan License expired in the summer of 2016.  We plan on reactivating it in February or March of 2017.  We will be offering loans signed via e-signature or through the internet for Nevada and New Mexico residents in the summer of 2017.  This will enable you to simply call us if you need cash of up to $1000.  We also offer Title loans of up to $5000 – only in the State of Nevada.  Nevada lending guidelines only allow us to lend up to 25% of your monthly income.  We require a recent paystub.  We want to see six months of Y-T-D earnings before we can approve you for a loan.  Saginaw Financial will pull a Teletrak/Corelogic report showing us how current you are on existing loans and how many you have applied for.  We can also run an Experian report for a larger loan request.  If you do not pay us back we will seek remedy through the civil court system.  This means having you process served (probably at work) and setting a court date.  We will ask the court for a judgment against you and will follow up with a wage-garnishment request.  We also report your payment history to the three credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Until the loan has been paid back in full.  So only borrow what you truly need and plan to pay back.

 Our commitment and goal is to provide customers with the best value while also maintaining high ethical standards.

We also have a referral program that will pay you $25 for each tax customer you send to us.  Make sure the customer tells us how they heard about Saginaw Financial.  This is one of the questions we ask on our loan applications.  This will be paid as in-store credit – or we can issue a check or cash to you.