TANIA DIEDRICH – OFFICE MANAGER – In charge of supervising all loans made from Saginaw Financial, including legal civil collections and credit reporting and overseeing all office flow including insurance payment collection, new policy write up, policy changes and informational distribution to customers.  In charge of obtaining and maintaining customer files at the store both hard copy and electronically.  In charge of collecting of all proper documentation from tax customers including ID’s, birth certificates, etc.

BRADLEY ZIMBELMAN – INSURANCE SALES – CUSTOMER SERVICE – Specializing in quoting and placing new and potential auto insurance, commercial/business owners policies, assisting with office loan collections and reminders via phone call, text, or mail,  and answering all general customer questions.

DEE BURTON – CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our newest employee – previously manager at Subway inside the Orleans Hotel and Casino for six years.  In charge of notifying customers of changes for the coming tax season.



















Mr Gregory Diedrich graduated from Arizona State University Carey School of Business with a Bachelors degree in Accountancy.  He worked at Manhiems Greater Las Vegas Auto Auction for a few years as  Controller.  He moved into the lending business and worked for Title Loans of America establishing regional and branch lending offices throughout the country.  He took a position as a Regional bank President with Union Bank – based out of Swansea, IL.  and continued opening lending offices nationwide.  This partnership was sold to QC Financial out of Kansas City KS and Mr Diedrich worked as a Regional President for QC Financial for several years before opening up his own lending company – Saginaw Financial.  Some of his initial employees chose to come to work for him and this caused a Non-Compete Lawsuit to be filed by QC Financial against him.  Mr Diedrich was eventually successful in dismissing this lawsuit at Summary Judgement for a variety of reasons in 2002.

Sometimes in life – you have to step back before you can step forward again – this occurred by downsizing in 2015 and closing the Farmington and Gallup locations.  Economic conditions – regulatory environment – uncertainty all played a role in this decision –

Having our bank accounts frozen during a busy tax season in 2014 by Wells Fargo – due to so called “Christmas Loans” created this fiasco and subsequent chain of events.  After the IRS audit later in 2014 – when all tax loan advances were accounted for and our tax lending office fined due to improper documentation for customers getting the Earned Income Credit we learned a lesson – but we cant go back and change history.  we learn the rules – adapt and move forward.

We have emerged as a better and more prepared company by becoming paperless as well as instituting additional safeguards for protecting customer information.

In other words.  We have now been audited twice and now are completely trained and prepared for what to ask for so we can pass this information along to you to prevent you from being audited.


” A smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from his neighbors mistakes.”


Allow us to help you in the future.


We wish you the best and want to see you succeed in life.  We are not your competitor – we are your partner.





Previous Employees for Saginaw financial




Monika Samuels was the longtime manager of Saginaw Financial in NLV.  Her spirit and vivaciousness were and still are overflowing.  Her energy and work ethic allowed the company to provide service to NLV and Las Vegas from 2001 – until she took a position with AAA insurance in April of 2015.  She is still a part of any customers that came through our doors from 2002 – 2015.  The financial environment became very rocky in 2014/2015 for Saginaw Financial due to a variety of reasons and this led Monika to become recruited from Saginaw Financial into her current position.  Mr Diedrich had never asked for a non-compete agreement and in lieu of what happened in 2002 to all of his employees  it would have been completely inappropriate to ask for one.  Monika decided to spread her wings elsewhere and we wish her all the best that life has to offer.  She is Truly One of a kind.  I consider her like a sister.  I watched her son Adrian grow up and turn into a good young man and watched her marry a wonderful husband – David Samuels – a very good man.

Shari Dowty was the lifeblood of Saginaw Financial’s New Mexico operations.  Her spirit and commitment to the company allowed Saginaw financial to flourish in Farmington and Gallup NM.  The store at 1928 E Main street became a place of social gathering for her family and friends and this also encouraged the business to succeed.  Shari’s work ethic and honesty are unmatched.  She is a people person through and through.  She can wear many different hats – and wears all of them well.  Her two children and many grandchildren have seen her combine work/family/customers with a sense of grace and caring that made and makes everyone feel happy.

Dana Payne also managed the 1928 E Main street location from 2002 -2015 with a sense of humor and dignity that made customers feel welcome no matter what their current standing in society was.  She was and still is friendly to everyone.  Saginaw Financial would not have existed without Dana Payne’s service and hard work.  She is very much appreciated for everything she did – including assisting with Magnetsigns in New Mexico.  Dana has a childlike creativity to her that allows everyone around her to feel at ease and comfortable.  I cant express my heartfelt appreciation for all this beautiful lady has done for Saginaw Financial and Gregory Diedrich.

Shari and Dana both took lending positions with another lending company in Farmington in 2015 due to economic hardships for Saginaw Financial.  They were offered positions at an insurance company as well.

Bernadette Vanosdol is/was the heartbeat of our Gallup location at 510 N Highway 491 for last ten years.  She started working as an assistant for her mother 12 years ago and just progressed up to running the store efficiently and effectively.  She is a beautiful person inside and out and is a wonderful mother to her two small children.  Currently working in the insurance business.  She is/was wonderful for me – I watched her grow from a teenager into a young woman – I am proud of her moral character and ethical treatment of each situation she encounters.  Anyone that employs her is lucky.

Tiffany Jones also provided excellent customer service and was a joy to work with for several years in Gallup New Mexico.  She is now a mother of two.  Her voice and cheerfulness is what attracts people.  She was a good team player for our Gallup NM store.  I consider her a good friend.  And want to see her succeed in whatever path she chooses.  She has a wonderful spirit.

Rachel Henley brought a wonderful happiness and positive attitude with her to work each day.  She brightened the store at 510 N Hwy 491 and will continue to brighten whatever store/business she chooses to work for.  Rachel was/is the quentessential employee – she has it all.

Paula Tso managed Saginaw Financial for several years while her family was growing up – it was a family atmosphere all the time with school projects posted on our walls.  Her spirit ran deep and still does – she assisted Gregory Diedrich’s shift and focus from lending to Auto Insurance and was responsible for an uptick in insurance revenue and customer participation.  Our store morphed from a payday/title only into a auto insurance destination and Paula assisted quite a bit with that transformation.  A misunderstanding led to her departure from the company but she is still a driving force in the insurance business in Gallup New Mexico.  Gregory and Paula shook hands the day she left and have remained friends since.