For us to save you money we need a few things.

  1. Auto – We need your Drivers License information – DOB, address, State DL#, and the VIN# for any auto/truck you want insured.  We can insure anything that is DMV titled as well as boats and RV’s.   Multiple vehicles are fine.  Most insurers will only allow three cars per person.  If you want to insure four cars you will need to list a second driver.  Most of the underwriters are going to pull a CLUE report – this will tell us/them if you have had any accident claims or tickets within the last 3-5 years.  We can provide coverage for you even if you have a poor driving history.  There are companies that specialize in that.
  2. Discounts – We can get you a discount if you are married (we will need your spouses DL info)  we can also get you a discount for agreeing to pay by credit/debit card each month.  Also having you sign up for email services.  This will save the insurance companies mailing costs and they will toss the savings back at you if you follow through.
  3. Homeowners – If you want us to insure your house please provide us with your current homeowners declaration page and let us know the time frame for renewal.  That way we can go down item by item to look for potential savings for you.  We will also point out any bells and whistles you may choose to add to your homeowners policy.    We will also try to make this as seemless as possible.  If you decide you want the homeowners coverage we will work with your mortgage company to substitute the policies – obviously making sure there are no date gaps.  We can insure single family homes, condos, and apartments.  Please call for details.
  4. Commercial coverage.  We are currently partnered with Premier Group Insurance.  This allows us to offer very competitive rates for general liability, workers comp, or business owners policies.  We need as much information from you as possible regarding what it is you want insured.  This way we can work with our partner underwriters to get you the best coverage.  Berkshire Hathaway, CNA, Hartford are just a few of the companies that will bid for your business.  We have been getting training each week on how to properly insure you.  If your specialty is plumbing or HVAC we can help get you licensed.  You will need a surety bond for that and we will provide that for you through our partners.