Tax Preparation

Your tax return information will NEVER be sold to any marketing company, etc.. We value your relationship too much for that. All of your personal information is safeguarded by locking file cabinets – passcodes – a locked office – and 24 hour security from ProtectionOne.






(We will prepare a 2016 profit & loss statement showing income & expenses w YTD totals based upon what you provide to us.)



State filing fees –$20 – per state (we do all 50 states)

Several changes are taking place this tax season. First the identity verification check. You will need to provide us with a current state issued ID or DL. This was not required in previous years but will be this year – any filer that has an expired drivers license or identification card will not be IRS accepted this tax season and the tax return will be rejected.

If you are getting any CREDIT from the US Government this tax season – including the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, or American Opportunity Tax Credit additional safeguards have been put in place to prevent tax fraud. Any tax preparer that submits a return to the IRS without gathering the folllowing documents can and will be fined and or put out of business. If you have a dependent you need to show that you have parental authority. If your name is on the birth certificate that is fine – if not we will require school records/transcripts showing you as an authorized parent for the child. Doctors office immunization records will also suffice. If your dependent is handicapped or on SSI we will need to see the paperwork showing this to obtain the credit. This also is going to be required for any children that have ITIN’s or that do not have SSN #’s. In previous years we requested social security cards. That will not be enough this year. If you claimed the additional child tax credit but not the earned income credit last year – this year you will notice the difference. For any credit the IRS is sending out you will have to show proper authorization for taking the credit. If you are taking the American Opportunity Credit we will need a 1098-T form showing how much in tuition was paid. In previous years we could enter that amount – not any longer. Call us for details – we have just spent the past month being trained by an IRS revenue agent.

We will need a signed 8879 IRS form to submit your taxes. That form will have to be signed by you before we can submit. If you are married – both husband and wife need to sign before the return can be transmitted. We will also have you sign a 8879 form for any state tax returns that need to be filed.

Our fees for these services are $99. This service includes free efile and direct deposit of your tax return into your bank account. If you do not have a bank account we can obtain a Cashiers Check drafted from our partners at Republic Bank/Wells Fargo. You will be able to cash this check at any Wells Fargo bank location immediately without having to open an account there or pay the high cost of check cashing services. There is a fee to have your Cashiers check printed from our office (last year around $60) This fee goes to Republic Bank and Taxwise as well as CCH small firm services. We also get a small portion of this – usually around $15 for printing and preparing your check. PLEASE do not cash your refund check at Rapid Cash, MoneyTree, Etc.. We are working hard to save you your hard earned money so you can spend it on yourself and your family. Typical Check cashing facilities will charge up to $200 for this service. If you use us this year and don’t have a bank account – we will send you straight to Wells Fargo bank to cash it for free.

Single and married filers with no dependents or schedules or credits – $50


>> you must provide us with your total expenditures for – mortgage interest – donations – unreimbursed work expenses – and gambling losses – up to your total winnings – if youve recieved a W2G. You can make an appointment with Gregory Diedrich to review all of these items or – send them to our store via email – [email protected]

SCHEDULE “C” (SELF EMPLOYED) – $100-cost for financial statements to be prepared in accordance with professional standards

If you have a second job that does not provide you with a W-2 or 1099 or are self employed we can still prepare your taxes

Schedule C is the form showing your cash received from self employed sources. You will need to provide us with your business license/business card/professional certificates for us to determine if you qualify for this deduction/credit.

All Schedule C filers will need to provide us with revenue and expense totals for the year ending 2016. You do not need to bring in a shoe box full of receipts but you must provide us with your revenue earned and expenses incurred.

Schedule D (Investments) – no additional cost

Schedule E (Real Estate) – no additional cost

Please provide us with your W-2’s when you receive them. You can email them to [email protected] or fax them to 702.649.9901 or drop them off. If you wish to make an appointment that is fine and you will be seen at your appointed time – NO WAITING THIS YEAR.